I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to and from work most days, which, apart from the occasional intervention of the good old British Weather, is generally a pleasant experience.

The walk home, in particular, gives me the chance to think, muse and people watch; three of my favourite pastimes.

Recently, I was cutting through a local park, where some university students were being trained in the art of throwing an American football.

As my route brought me closer to the group, I jokingly gestured to the trainer that he should try me out, before continuing my walk.

Sometimes, doing how it’s always been done stops you from finding a better way.

A fifteen second pause, followed by a shout of “Sir!” and the imminent arrival of a football, arcing out of the evening sky at what seemed to me Mach 2, captured my startled attention.

More by luck than judgment, the ball nestled (almost as if I knew what I was doing…) in my arms.

I’ve never played American Football in my life, so the coach’s request for me to hurl it back, as his students looked on, presented me with a whole raft of opportunities to look inept and unskillful.

Apologising profusely, I returned the ball, rugby-pass style, the 25 yards required, to rapturous (if unwarranted) applause.

Before I moved out of earshot, I heard the coach talking to his team; “See guys, knowing how it should be done, isn’t half as important as finding a way of getting it done when you don’t know how.”

Sometimes, doing how it’s always been done stops you from finding a better way.

We always try to find a better way for all our clients.

As long as it doesn’t involve American Football.